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Movie Review #3 - The Incredible Burt Wonderstone Review.... MAGIC!

Ever love watching magicians who never fail to astound you with their tricks?
 That feeling when you just smile, laugh or get excited upon seeing an impossible trick?

"What you feeling right now, that sense of awe? That sense of wonderment? That sense that anything in the universe is possible? That's why you became a magician, that's why i became a magician" -Rance Holloway

 Today I'm going to do a review on a Steve Carell comedy movie about MAGIC and Comedy all together!
Featuring stars such as Jim Carrey Olivia Wilde, Steve Buscemi and Alan Arkin.

In this movie review, I'll be talking about the Plot, Story, Characters, Magic, Re-watch Value and finally the Overall. 

Burt as a kid ( Played by Mason Cook from the movie "Spy Kids - All the Time in the World") was always bullied and when he got home on his birthday, his mom wasn't around. Only a instruction on how to bake the cake and a "Rance Holloway Magic Kit" and from there was history, or present history...whatever

Seriously, I didn't look this cool when i was kid...

And from there, how he began his long and famous career as a magician. While making friends with his partner Anton Marvelton, together they form the "The Amazing Burt and Anton, a magical friendship" show which they did for a very long time. However down the road, Burt and Anton had a bitch fight because Burt is an asshole with his fame, fortune and sex (I'm not kidding, I'm making this as short as i can say) and now Burt alone must find the reason why he love magic and being a magician in the first place. Without writing too much cliche, urgh, here's a pic to distract you from it.

Pigeons Bitches!


STORY (6/10)

As much as i love magic and Steve Carell's magic of comedy in his movies, it is without a doubt the plot is pretty much well....expected. Person gets famous, becomes douche, fall from grace, finds a reason why he got famous in the first place in doing what he loves, yadaa yadaa yadaa. But! regardless of its expected plot, you can't help to like the relax,comedic and for those who has interest in magic can't help to be awed or at least begin an interest in magic tricks.
 And may i remind you, this is not "The Prestige" style movie. Which for those that don't know what i meant, go watch it.
Neither is it a crazy, confusing, mind-banging story.
Its plain and simple. Its light, funny and plenty of cool magic tricks which is suitable for adults and probably teenagers, but not so sure about kids.......skrew them, they ruin everything.
Did i mention Jim Carrey is in it?

Owh boy.......

Characters (7/10)
Now, in the beginning, Burt is introduce as a kid who's often bullied and whimpers when he's sad (he still does it when he's an adult). Upon arriving home on his birthday, he's mom wasn't home but left instructions on how to bake his favorite cake and a magic kit for his birthday. Then he met Anton who always ends up in the nurse office and have to take countless of medication, like testosterone hormones and because "The doctor says I'm dangerously close to being a girl".

"Yeah....almost became a girl...sigh miss those days"

From there, they became best friends and did many magical shows together and design tricks. You cant help but to love Anton who's the calm, nice and emphatic person while Burt became an asshole but turns into a better person. He was rather sexist to Jane ( Olivia Wilde) but ill let you decide on that when you watch the movie. The characters are funny and hard not to like, except Steve Gray (Jim Carrey) who's the bad guy and does ridiculous tricks. It's like Criss Angel who suddenly got sadistic and crazy....if he isn't already. Steve has a show called "Mind Rapist"..let that sink in for a minute and tell me how hard is it not to like a man who calls his show that.

Mind Rapist is 51 years old this year. Let that further sink in.

However, some of the characters story hasn't been properly written i guess? Because what happened to Anton's female hormone problem? Did it stopped? Why is Steve Gray doing his crazy stunts? Are they real? What happened to Burt's mother? Is she dead? Or was a magic trick to trick us viewers? Again this is not INCEPTION and i think some of those parts of the characters didn't matter. Depends on you readers if they were.  Don't think too much though if you did its either




You decide

Magic (?)

Now I'm no magician so I'm not sure how to rate these magic tricks in the movie, regardless it could be camera tricks or angles or even special effects and editing, but I will comment on how cool these tricks look. After Burt and Anton got their big offer to perform in one of the biggest hotels and casino's in Las Vegas, They always use props like super huge ones. When Burt has Fallen from grace, he found Rance Halloway, his childhood magic hero in a retirement home. From there , they shown a montage of them showing simple tricks such as disappearing balls...(dont giggle you immature lamps), card tricks, clothes instant change tricks and many more.
These aren't mine you know......

 As a person who doesn't know batshit about magic, its pretty interesting to see simple yet cool and amazing tricks performed by the characters. It's cool alright? and I'm a sucker when it comes to magic tricks.

I wanted to insert a penis joke caption but it was HARD to think of one.


This movie is beyond boring i assure you. And I've watched in many times just to laugh and admire the magical thingies Steve Carell has brought from his magic nose hole. But seriously this movie is great to watch for comedic relief and can be easily enjoyed by people who has some fucking sense of humor........meh. Not much to say on why you should re-watch it, because its MAGIC!.... I'm losing energy to write this post i swear.



Now this isn't the highly GOLDEN GLOBE OR NOMINATED FOR OSCARS kind of movie but shit people, but its good enough to have a nice laugh. There are some plot holes as mentioned in the Character category but its still easy to enjoy. Having the one of the greatest master of comedy Jim Carrey in the movie is a big bonus for its overall great cast. It's better than Bruce Willis sudden appearance in G.I JOE: Retaliation. It's like they don't give a damn anymore......ahem

Anyways its good movie.

"Happy Birthday Judah" is burnt into his flesh by the devil's dick
I hope you ain't name Judah people.

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