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Food Review #1 : BIG HUG BURGHER

Whatsup people, welcome to the Review Republic! and to our very first food review.
In this post I'm going to review about BIG Hug burger which is in SS15, Subang Jaya.

#Since many people have different taste in food and other factors of a food establishment, I will not give ratings for each section but instead describe and comment only. I will however put a final rating out of 5 stars  (Because 10 stars is way too much to judge for food) of the restaurant on the top before i start talking about the restaurant.

BIG HUG BURGER ( 4/5 Stars)

Owner : Aidelle Tan ( 017-6567262)
Address : GF, Main Entrance Lobby Subang Square
Jalan SS15/4G, Subang Jaya
47500 Selangor, Malaysia
Working Hours : 12.30 - 4.00 pm /  6.30 - 10.30 pm

A little background info about Big Hug
Big Hug was started by one Miss Aidelle Tan which has been opened for 3 months ( I went there on the 29th of July so you do the math). An artist, cook, and a art teacher who wish to continue her Grandfather's legacy of good food with quality ingredients decided to live her passion and open up a burger restaurant. Her Grandfather owned a coffee shop and everything was made from scratch like the coffee beans which they use. Though many of her customers are college students from the surrounding area, many foreigners who have heard of this place have visited many times even chefs or bakers from other countries. You can go to their facebook and see the pictures for EVIDENCE.  While planning on how their place should be like, her partners all agreed to an artistic but yet welcoming surroundings for their customers to the FOOD they'll be making and the DECORATIONS of the place ( which many of the decorations  were contributed from the partners themselves) . From having a chef, a baker for the buns and even some of her household members working together, you can expect your food to be made by friendly and clean hands... ( if it was my hands, well, i tend to not wash my hands so you get the idea).

I swear, as I'm writing this, I'm getting REALLY HUNGRY

First Impression 

Honestly, If you're a Sunway Student or just staying in Subang, you'll definitely know that SS15 is a cramped, tight space, PARKING looking maze. I heard of Big Hug burger from my friends and well it was a random moment when i suggest to my friends that we go there ( I assume it's called Big Hug due to the HUGE BEARS they have at the sofa's) . After we found parking, we couldn't really see any shops that says Big Hug. So we walked into what looks like a mini shopping mall and saw a lighted sign that says " Big Hug" . And i see a bright lighted shop in the dark, not so deserted hallway.

Sorry for the blurry pictures. It was a rush/hungry search for this place

As i enter the place, i can't help but to feel all warm and welcoming at the sight. With its bright lights, nice furniture and decorations, relaxing music and nice music taste ( depends on different people) and the first thing i thought was "Wow cool place DUDE" * proceed to do the surfer rock finger sign*

But really, the place is nicely cool , doesn't smell like grease hanging in the hair and groups of young "MATURE" people relaxing and eating their food. Except the table on the left, they just chilling and hogging the BIG ASS HUGGY BEAR, but i'll let that slide. But enough about that, lets get to the food.


When at the counter, the lady manning the station was the owner i assume, whom i Swear gave me the most warm welcome and smile, i ever had at a burger joint. You don't get this at Ramlee's...i Joke i Joke. 

What you see here is a menu which she personally has drawn and colored.

There is a wide variety of food, but due to my focus on the GETTING FOOD instead of CHOOSING food i apologize for not taking the picture of the larger menu. But here are the pictures from their FACEBOOK page.

I was told the cheesay wedges is Chuck Norris in food form.

I presume to order a simple Beef burger set which comes with LOVELY fries and a bottomless drink. Which cost RM18 with two servings of fries.

I totally forgot the cup for the drink in this pic

The burger is cooked with fresh olive oil ( For those that don't know, olive oil ain't cheap but it gives food a rich and healthy taste) and uses fresh- handpicked ingredients and covered with a freshly made/baked charcoal bun. And then you ask WHAT IF YOU NO WANT THAT BUN? well that's where Big Hug wins a point in my book, you can literally ask for no buns and they won't give u none!
Your special needs will be catered such as you no eat veggie? no veggie, you no want fries? no fries. You vegan? sure we has vegan.

 What i noticed from the burger is that instead of normal t-o-m-e-toes OR t-o-m-a-toes (poteto, potato). Big Hug uses cherry tomatoes which is the higher quality and tastier version of the lame ass tomatoes. Along side using two different cheese of Cheddar and Mozzarella.

The taste honestly could be better as i find a missing piece of taste in the patty, but its enjoyable nonetheless and the portion is just right which you can easily take a big bite and hope your burger doesn't fall apart like a Bitch. The fries were AWESOME, provided with dipping sauce you can't help to get your second serving. There's also a variety of drinks to get

From left to right : Coke, Children Tears, Emma Watson's Soul, Batman's Powers, Sprite and FANTA!!

And if you feel like you need some sweet stuff to fill your belly as you drink Children Tear's. Big Hug provides little snacks and crackers for ye. Which of course, if you don't want soft drinks, and want to feel more mature while you're surrounded by students. There is coffee and milo, hot water and spinning spoons to be used. And is ALL.... FREE!I put that in the smallest text, because some of y'all maybe cheapskate bastards.

Decorations and surroundings

The decorations are bright colors with interesting decorations and comfortable seats. Couches, 4-seated tables and even long ones are all provided in Big Hug.

And if you're lucky, you get to sit on the couch which both have HUGE comfortable Teddy bears to hug.

I assure you, I am overjoyed.

With calm music playing such as Micheal Learns to Rock and many more, it makes this place an ideal spot for those who feel stress, sad or just want to relax. If you feel like you need someone to listen or talk to, do not hesitate to speak to Miss Aidelle. She's the most friendly, big heart-ed person I've met so far working in the food industry.
She even takes pictures of her customers everyday and post it up on their Facebook page and takes time to come out of the cashier to talk to her customers. What a lovely lady.

If you notice, there's a huge FAN of mine in the background

Food price is not that expensive, if you were to include the good service, quality of food and the bottomless drinks, the price is just right. Many would be happy to have good food in a nice calm and comfy surrounding. However the taste of the burger has some taste left to be desired, that factor can be overlooked. I would say this is a great place to try and i highly recommend speaking to Miss Aidelle when you're there and get to know her.

Hamburger orgasms. More epic than normal ones

Big Hug lives up to its name when me and my companions got hugs from her.

While i high five the awkward chef.

Booyeah. Unexpected lady in the middle of our bro hand hug?

If you would to know more,
 Go to their Facebook at Big Hug burger
Or contact Miss Aidelle herself at "".

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  1. Honestly I live so near this place that it's almost stupid
    But parking is always a bitch there
    Which mini shopping centre was it?
    Subang square or first subang?

  2. I only remember we parked near a big coffee shop in a corner lot and walked across the street into this mini shopping building?
    According to one my readers, its near the "Taylor Canadian Pre-U" building. Its opposite a snooker/pool area.