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Game Review #2 - Fallout 3

It's a good day, fellow viewers, and all good days come with a game review from the Review Republic! This time around, I will be reviewing a game called Fallout 3. Unfortunately, I did not play the previous series which is the original Fallout and Fallout 2, so I will play this game as if I've not heard of the previous series. Still, this game alone is worth reviewing because it's game-breaking in itself. As said before, I will be reviewing the game based on five basis; Plot, Gameplay, Tone, Graphic and Replay Value. I must emphasize that this is not a full review, as I'll skip all the explaining and introduction and all that cheese, so if you want a full one, there's plenty of reviews out there already. If you haven't played the game, stop reading this and go play the damn game, then read this. And if you haven't figured it out already, there will be spoilers in this review.

Plot (9/10)
Let's start with the genre before the actual plot, because it's significantly related in this case. This is a RPG style sandbox game, and one of the few which is not only a legit sandbox game, but an awesome one as well. With that out of the way, lets head to the plot itself. The main plot is unfolded through the completion of the main quests the main character does throughout the map. There are no cutscenes, which I approve because they are trying to make the game as realistic as possible. The main quests are well developed as they will lead you through all the biggest towns in the whole map. If you're rushing the game and just finish the game as fast as you possibly can, you're doing it wrong, but at least you go to all the main places.

What I like about the plot is you can finish it however you like. This means that there are multiple ways to play a quest, whether the main one, or the side quest. Thats the thing. You're not waiting for the next plot point to unfold, you create your own plot as you go along. You can decide whether to save a whole village full of farmers, or help the bandits take over the village. You are essentially playing God. ( A shotgun wielding mohawk full armor power Goddess, if you want). The main goal of finding your lost father will not change, but you are still creating your own plot as you go along.You can also customize almost everything, from your race, gender, your clothes, weapons, bullets, and even your Pip Boy screen colour, just for the sake of choices.

As you go further into the plot, you will realise why your dad has abandoned you and the shelter, and for a good reason too. You will also realise that the world around you has gone to hell, and crazy shit will happen anytime you go wandering into some place else. The subways are infected with feral ghouls, half of the city is overrun by mutants, and the other half is by the military faction Brotherhood of Steel. So many things to see, so many quests to complete, so many places to explore. Oh yeah, you will die a lot too, coz almost eveything can kill you.

Gameplay (8/10)
In most of the game, you are either talking to someone, or shooting something in the face, so it's a fair assumption that you'll do a lot of killing. There's a system called V.A.T.S where you pause the game when you engage in it, and the screen will display the percentage of successful hits on an enemy's limbs. You can't do it all the time, as it depletes your energy bar, but its still bad-ass. After that, a slow motion sequence will  happen when you select the area you want to shoot, and you'll see the limb fly out of the enemy, or they burst into bloody bits. Ingenious, I say. Only thing disappointing is once you're out of Vats and you're shooting things manually, you're screwed, because the iron sights in this game sucks.

There's a currency system in this game, but you can abuse the fact that you can be ridiculously rich by just selling the stuff you looted around, although money is supposed to be scarce in the game. There's also special points, called S.P.E.C.I.A.L. points ( Believe me, I'm funny that way) where you put your points to categories that determine the character you want it to be at the beginning. Then there's the attribute points where you get it after each level up, which will increase a particular skill after you put a point in it. And then there's perks as well when you level up every two times, which will give you special abilities. One more thing, you can choose a partner to follow you around that will also grant you additional unique perks. (Not enough choices, you say? There you go, son.)

Tone (7/10)
The tone of the game is very bleak and violent, but the radio podcasts you listen to are of the '50s oldies. There's not much to say about the tone, but I like it that they did not try anything weird like rock music playing, or even techno songs blazing throughout the game, although I love techno music. Because there is generally no music, you can hear the surroundings. The fire crackling, people talking and shouting, shots fired somewhere, something of that sort. Bonus points for an amazing theme song that perfectly suits the style of the Fallout universe.
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Graphics (6/10)
The graphics are not top-notch, but considering this game is five years old to date, and has a gigantic map, you don't need top-notch graphics to pull the game through. The environment design is decent, with the main places having varying differences. The NPCs look a bit same though, and the attire of the different factions could be made a little more unique to better distinguish themselves more. I wouldn't say this will break the game, but there's one more other thing that almost brought the whole game down.

Replay Value (9/10)
Need I say more? The amount of choices you can make in this game is actually endless. I should give it a perfect score for this but there's a catch. It's called glitches. There's so many glitches in this games that it's not even funny anymore. I think it's safe to say this is the only game that gets the most choices and glitches in the smae game.

Verdict (8/10)
Overall, this is the perfect game if you're looking for a fun, violent, addictive,  RPG style, realistic sandbox game. If you don't want realistic, go play Saints Row.

Top 20 ways you can die in Fallout 3
Ah, the bonus section! As you know, almost anything can kill you in Fallout 3, so I made a top 20 list in no particular order of creative ways you can die gloriously in the game. Enjoy!

1. Clobbered by Mutants.
2. Shot by Enclave operatives.
3. Shot by raiders.
4. Shot by Brotherhood of Steel soldiers.
5. Shot by villagers.
6. Shot by Caravan guards.
7. Shot by ghouls.
8. Mauled by feral ghouls.
9. Burned by Fire ants.
10. Chased down by Yao Guai.
11. Sting to death by Giant Radscorpion.
11. Chopped down by Mirelurks.
12. Sliced in half by Deathclaws.
13. Blown up by mines.
14. Radiation poisoning.
15. Fell from a cliff.
16. Drowned in a river.
17. Gunned down by sentry bots.
18. Hunted down by Talon Company Mercs.
19. Smashed by Super Mutant Behemoth.
20. Glitch of stuck in terrain. Game Over, unless you save.

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