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Movie Review #1 - Fast and Furious 6


Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the Review Republic and for this post we're going to talk about the highly anticipated , car chasing, fast speed driving and a heck load of beautiful cars. If you do not like seeing cars that is so beautiful it can cause you to orgasm, get destroyed like its not worth a penny, then please do not watch this, you would die of a heart attack.


Dominic and his crew are all enjoying themselves after their last robbery heist back in Rio, Brazil. Each person is a millionaire and Brian is enjoying his life with his wife Mia, Dominic's sister. They have a kid by the way. But the peace is broken when Luke Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) comes and offer Dominic a job, saying there's another group of professional robbers who's stealing military equipment and disappears without a trace, so who better to catch fast driving criminals by asking fast driving criminals themselves. 
He did not approach them in this manner i assure you.
A military background based robbers led by one Owen Shaw (Luke Evans) is not your average drug cartel. Dominic could easily reject the offer but there's a twist. A ghost has returned.

Letty Ortiz (Michelle Rodriguez)  has returned as is alive! And this gives Dominic a chance to save his lover  and a chance to make his family whole again.
By the way she's super hot


STORY (6/10)

From Fast and Furious 5 at the end scene (If you haven't watched Fast 5 i suggest you do) here's the link for the scene

"You believe in ghost", apparently Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) didn't die, she's still alive! and that's the anchor of the whole movie, the only reason we would watch till the end is to see Dominic get back together with Letty or how in the hell is she still alive.

The fact that there's a bad guy, and Hobbs need their help is very predictable as to the whole story line. We has bad guy, you is good guy, you help us fight bad guy. But the deal is that if they manage to stop Shaw, they get pardoned and are no longer wanted convicts. The story is predictable but the fact that Letty is involved just bring this whole movie into something worth watching till the end. So to fight this new enemy, they've been given new set of toys (cars), guns...loads of guns.

HAN GUN...get it? get it? *pun*

The story can get pretty bland as there isn't anything new about the Fast and Furious franchise starting with Fast 6, instead of focusing on the drivers skills and super awesome car.
They made it into a GTA (grand theft auto) setting where you get a car, chase the bad guys, ram his car with your very expensive car and hope he stops isn't something Dominic's crew of professional thieves are meant to do especially facing people who ARE military trained. And a Tank is invovled. Just like XXX the next level with ice cube.
Probably should have stick with robbing rich drug lords.

ACTION (8/10)
Despite the fact that the movie carelessly crash, destroy and launch all those beautiful cars into walls, ditches, cliffs and into other cars. (Even if the cars are fake), There is tons and tons of action and epic moments in this movie. A new go kart-style car that literally flips cars over the ramp is really one of the most creative bad boys of cars seen in sometime.

This is called the flipper
There is plenty of fast chases, martial arts fighting, and not to mention BIG MUSCULAR BALD GUYS KICKING ASS.

And to increase the action they bring in
Joe Taslim from the famous Indonesian action packed movie "Raid Redemption" which i highly recommend for martial art fans. He's Shaw's asian can of "Whoop your sorry ass with kung fu, bitch" character. But unfortunately he's only in  for a few scenes.

And they add in a even bigger more muscular man to counter Vin Diesel and The rock. Yup, thats him, MR.KIM KOLD or "Mr holy shit he's huge". So imagine him fighting with the two big bald muscular guys. Not action enough? Maybe the big bad guy isn't bald enough.

Still scary and that's mini me. (No racist joke added)

ACTORS (5/10)

Now a movie is only as good as the story and actors. In Fast 6, you have all your favorite characters such as  Roman, Han, Tej, Giselle, Brian, Dominic. God knows what happened to Rico and Tego according to the movie "They were last seen in a casino in Monte Carlo" so that means these guys are busy boning girls and gambling money then help out the gang...SCUMBAGS.

Orange is the new trend co 

Unlike Fast 5, Fast 6 tries to create a story where you're attach to the characters such as Dominic tries to get Letty back to complete his family and Brian has a kid now with Mia, but the movie just fails with that approach. The characters just feel bland and sadly boring. Even the bad guys like Shaw just doesn't seem to catch my attention or that he shows any obvious threat.


In this part of my review, a actor or actress will be chosen from the limelight which catches the attention of the viewers throughout the entire movie. And drum rolls please!

Tadaaaa! owh wait, ill put a better picture.

Mr. Tyrese Gibson or known as Roman just really shines in this movie. Not that his acting skills is dramatically awesome or anything. It's just the comedic part of him. In this movie though, he's more of the clumsy, little millionaire kid that doesn't really do much during the movie. However his funny and childish antiques and comedic style of acting just makes the movie more bearable when you're not busy wincing at those beautiful cars getting trashed.


This movie might not be the best movie of the year but the action of fast car, beautiful ladies (only 3 i think) and plenty of action can keep you watching again and again but not too much. As spoken earlier the story and characters just doesn't make it worth re watching again and again. But you'll be the judge of that, most probably bald muscular huge guys are your thing (not gay). 

OVERALL (6/10)

It could be the fact that this movie was highly anticipated and that could bring a very bad effect if it falls short of mark. With countless actions, suspense and cars (its always cars..OWH and a tank), it befits the Fast and Furious franchise however there were many problems with the movie such as lack of character building, plot holes and the really really really non threatening antagonist. The antagonist just doesn't feel any scary or dangerous. It's like having your driver hold a tech that could destroy the world. And you're like "whut? and then meh".  There is also the fact that in the scene with the cargo plane which of course you'll know sooner or later. The runway is ridiculously long. It's not really a spoiler, merely something you should observe with the movie.


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